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The Home Busines Marketing Group is proud to present a business opportunity that will withstand the test of time. We understand that opportunities are everywhere; however, this one is unique, and is more reliable than others.

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"The reason why 99% of MLM opportunities fall apart from distributor attrition or "fall out" is because 99% of MLM companies are all DISTRIBUTORS not CUSTOMERS! With this discovery and a unique system you will not only create maximum retention, but get a paycheck very FAST. I'm so tired of MLM gurus selling you false promises while they watch you struggle for months only to become discouraged and quit. My new strategy is sharing the wealth with everyone." – Thomas Prendergast, Pres., Market Hive

Traditional Network Marketing

99% of network marketing organizations are built with nothing but distributors (sales people). Everyone is put at a disadvantage because they're all in competition with each other for more distributors.

Example: When you recruit three and they recruit three and they recruit three and they recruit three and they also recruit three your leading edge of 243 hungry distributors (sales people) represents 67% of your organization and none of them are making money. If they don't start making money soon, they quit and there goes your organization into a collapse. Why because they are not customers! They are only buying the product because of the promise to make money. Eventually they either quit or move on to another company or leave the industry all together.

Home Business Marketing Group with Real Customers

There is a better way. We have a system that uses a team effort to stream new distributors into our system. This is NOT done with email but with Google, Yahoo! and Bing white hat top organic (not pay per click either) search engine rankings. Everyone is delegated to help. The total team effort helps to build a solid down line quicker than other systems. With our work at home business, we do not build through distributors alone, we have real customers!

Can you imagine if every distributor had 100 real customers? What if those customers loved the product and didn't care about earning money, nor were involved in making money from home? What if instead of buying leads (Like 99% of the MLMs teach) you could just buy customers instead? Do you think you could see the advantage this represents?

Well, this is exactly what we are doing, and we are breaking records in our growth. You are invited to get involved with this dramatically different approach to network marketing, where no one gets left behind!

  • No building, just delegated team effort!
  • Easier and more lucrative than any other way you have seen! Everyone wins!
  • Everyone is on the same team!
  • Volume and commissions roll from the bottom up to everyone!
  • Total synergy, everyone's sales and sign-ups are combined.
  • Easy to work team environment, you're not alone anymore!
  • No duplication required!

There's only one thing you need to do right now to take advantage of this… DON'T WAIT, LOCK IN YOUR POSITION NOW... so you don't miss out on sign ups below you. Distributors are joining RIGHT NOW! Customers are being distributed RIGHT NOW! If you want them in your downline, just simply fill out the form below. Even a 10 minute delay can cost you dozens or even hundreds of spots! So, don't delay fill out that form now. You have nothing to lose.

Learn How to Build a Home Business with Synergy and Teamwork

If you haven't had success in network marketing it's because you haven't been in the Home Business program that pays from the bottom up with "perpetual compression". It's a total win-win for everyone involved. Combine this with network marketing's hottest and most proven product (HINT:customers) and you'll soon find out why we're the #1 growth organization in network marketing today.

So, don't delay ... fill out that form now!

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